Noone likes premature ageing. You don’t want to look 45 when you are 35, do you?

This is because, as the time and years pass on through our lives, the circulation of the skin decreases resulting in considerable reduction of oxygen and nutrients supply to it. Experts @ Dr Thaj Laser Skin-Hair Clinic offer mesotherapy, the non surgical cosmetic treatment for the purpose of avoiding premature ageing.

MesotherapyMesotherapy involves the injection of specially prepared mixture of vitamins, amino acids and medications into the middle layer of the skin which is subcutaneous fat. With this the essential nutrients for the skin are directly injected into the areas which needs treatment. These injections are done so as to target adipose cells (fat cells), which in turn will rupture and die.
Each session takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Before conducting mesotherapy treatment, local anesthetic creams are applied to the area to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. Two to three treatment courses may be needed for best results. Side effects are slight redness or swellings in the treated area; these are temporary and will be settled in 1-3 days time.

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