My mother developed black patches on her face due to an allergic reaction. After few weeks of treatment at Dr.Thaj clinic her face improved a lot. She is very happy now.

Shalma Lakshmanan

Hi, My name is Shalma & i'm residing in Thalassery. I am glad to share my happiness here and the reason behind is Dr. Thaj. I had bad hair growth on my face. I was very unhappy and was so conscious to go out to meet new faces or meet my friends. But now, I'm very very very happy & confident too. Dr. Thaj has done some magical treatments on my very sensitive skin. And I find no more hair growth nowadays and it’s gone permanently. The best part is that there is no single mark on my face now. (tho i was scared about laser treatment & its after effects). These all happened in 5 months time. A big thanks to Dr. Thajuddhin & who all work in the clinic. And yes, I have to say that I trust Dr. Thaj Clinic and would love to give preference Dr.Thaj Clinic rather than any other beauty clinics for any skin treatments. I have no tension now as I have reached the right place at right time. :) Thank You Doctor !!!


I had an ugly scar on my face following an accident. With the fraxel treatment I received from Dr. Thaj LSHC, Coimbatore, the scar almost got disappeared and I am very happy now.


I would like to share the wonderful experience I got at Dr. Thaj LSHC recently. I was suffering from severe hair loss and dandruff which was disturbing. But now I am happy that I have my problem solved with the stem cell therapy I received from your clinic. Thanks a lot.


Congrats to Dr Thaj for all the wonderful work he does for all of us and many of the families who we have referred to him. Everyone has got such good reviews with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Thanks to Dr Thaj and his staff once again.


I reside in Canada. I had some problems with my skin. I called Dr Thaj at his Tellicherry clinic as I have heard a lot of good reviews about his clinics all over. Over the phone he gave me the exact treatment and the type of medicines I could get here and my skin problem was cured.


I had a big mole on my face which was looking ugly. I was so sad & couldn’t stand among crowd. My friend suggested me this laser treatment. Once done, I felt so happy seeing the vast changes in my appearance. Thank you so much for making these changes that I never ever thought would happen even in dreams.


I had wrinkles on my face which was removed by laser treatment. Now I am so happy that I am looking much more better. Thank you …


I had freckles which I thought could never be cured. But I am so happy now that I recovered by about 90% with the treatment still going on. I thank Dr. Thaj and other doctors who pulled off a miracle in my life. And wholeheartedly, I thank God for showing me right place.