DARK CIRCLES TIRING YOU?? wants to get rid off darkcircles?

Posted by Dr. Thaj

Skin around the eyes is unique for a number of reasons.The skin under the eyes is the thinnest skin in our body ,only 0.5 mm thick.This delicate area contains little subcutaneous fat tissue that decreases further with aging.It is also sensitive to stress from facial movements such as during laughing and squinting. Because of these characteristics skin around eyes get problems like dark circles, puffiness’s wrinkles very easily.
Dark circles or melanosis around eyes is not just due to fatigue or lack of sleep.There are a number of reasons for this vexing problem.Dark circles give tired and unhappy appearance and it may influence the quality of life of the individual.Here are some of the common causes of this condition
1.heredity –it can run in families

2.Life style factors –physical or emotional stress ,smoking,chronic alcohol use,nutritional deficiencies

3.Allergies- atopic /contact dermatitis,chronic sinusitis,nasal congestion,repeated rubbing and scratching the eyes.

4.sun exposure

5.shadow effects due to an overhanging tarsal (eyelid) muscle ,eye bags,or a deep tear trough.

6.Thinning of skin and laxity associated with vascular prominence.
Depending on what is causing the dark circles ,your dermatologist will suggest the treatment .It ranges from prescription creams,peels,dermal fillers,laser therapy to plastic surgery .At Dr.Thaj LSHC ,we assess the problem and recommend the ideal treatment .The following tips will help to reduce the dark circles to certain extent
1.cold compresses

2.extra pillows –elevate your head with 2 or more pillows

3.extra sleep – although short nights don’t usually cause under eye dark circles ,a lack of sleep makes you paler and more hollow eyed ,so shadows and circles will be more obvious.

4.dark glasses and sunscreen usage

5.camouflage (concealers)