Know more about your nail!

Posted by Dr. Thaj

Filing nail is good if done properly. File in one direction and do it occasionally . If you file vigorously and in 2 directions, nail may become fragile or weak.
Deficiency of folate, vit B 12- may weaken the nails  . Take beans, grains , extra vitamins for strengthening nails. You can use nail  hardener which contain nylon occasionally , also use ofnail  lotions hydrate nails .mineral oils , glycerin , bees wax also help in hydrating nails.

Finger  nail grow faster than the toe nails . So, pedicure last more than manicure. For the treatment of fungal infection of toe nails require more duration than finger nails. Apart from fungi , bacterial infection also give ugly look to the nails. Avoid constant contact with water or keep the nails dry to avoid infections. Vit 7, biotin will help to strengthen nails.
People who don’t take enough  iron and protein will develop  spoon shaped nails
Nail polish colors  like red , purple, black ,blue color may give yellow color to the nails when used constantly. If it happens, buff the nails . Do not file hard Give enough gap between polishing the nail . Continuous coating may block air passage to the nail bed .