Summer hair care

Posted by Dr. Thaj

Sun’s heat and UV rays can affect your hair just like it affects your skin. Although you can not feel the damage as easily as you can see it on the skin ,hair is getting a beating from the sun and the wind.So we need to take measures to protect our hair during summer. Too much exposure to UV rays can break down the proteins in hair, making it dull and brittle .The sun’s heat can dry out your hair ,so apply a deep conditioning mask to add moisture .UV rays can also damage the hair follicle ,so use a leave –in conditioner with UV filters .Keep up with trimmimg the ends regularly especially if you have long hair.It will help to stop split ends from moving further up the strand. Pony tails and plats are a good option in summer as there is no part and the scalp is protected. But if you have a distinct part in your hair ,apply a sunscreen like a translucent powder to avoid sunburn and peeling. Your hair colour will fade faster if you are in the sun too long. The best way to protect your hair colour is to use a shampoo and conditioner specifically for colour treated hair .These products work best when you lather hair only once ,rinse thoroughly, and avoid hot water. Use a clarifying shampoo once a week or whenever necessary to remove all the build up on the scalp from sunscreens .
There are some products which are not just good for the hair. Putting baby oil to attract the sun, using activated hair lighteners ,and even lemon juice can cause irreversible damage and breakage. Protect your hair from wind by tying your hair and old ways like using a hat or scarf goes a long way in avoiding the physical damage by the sun and the wind.Be sure to get plenty of omega -3 rich proteins like salmon ,egg,nuts,leafy veggies and whole grains.