CM Slim with HIPEX (First installation in India)
CM Slim (with 2 Applicators) – Intense Electromagnetic Stimulator to build muscle & Burn fat.
HIPEX (High Intensity Pelvic Exercise) – For Urinary incontinence & Sexual Wellness.

Ultraformer III – Micro & Macro Focused Ultrasound – most powerful HIFU in the world
(First installation in South India)

**Subject to availability
***Need to pay for consumables

2 Days training program at Chennai with International Certification
Training with FDA (USA) approved Machines

Course Insight:

Almost everything under the sky for an Aesthetic Physician.

  • Cool sculpting (California)
  • Velashape3 (Candela, California)
  • LHR machines of all wavelengths

MiraDry (EU) – for permanent solution for axillary hyperhidrosis, also destroy the hair, with 1 -2 sitting,

3 Days BASIC Training program on Injectable (Neuromodulators –Botox, Fillers) Allergan, Restylane etc.

3 Days ADVANCED Training Program on Injectable – (Neuromodulators –Botox, Fillers) Allergan, Restylane etc.

1 Day PMU (Permanent Makeup) training Program – MICROBLADING, SMP, OMBRE eyebrows)

1 Day LIP BLUSHING/Lip Coloring.