Read the facts about lasers before you get treated for unwanted hairs

Posted by Dr. Thaj

Lasers used for hair removal specifically target melanin(pigment) in the hair root and hair    shaft.
Lasers produce permanent hair reduction that means 70% – 80% of hairs will stop growing if the procedure is done repeatedly over a period of time.
The most commonly used lasers for hair reduction are Diode(800-810 nm) long pulsed Nd-Yag (1064 nm) Alexandrite and Diode with Radio frequency(ELOS) machine.
Grey hairs cannot be treated with lasers as they lack melanin.
Lasers are very safe and can be used on any skin type and on any part of the body. There is no risk of cancer or any other health hazard.
Treatment sessions are usually spaced at 4-6 weeks.
The duration of the procedure depends on the area to be treated. May take 15-20 mts for the face and 2-3 hrs for hands and legs.
The treated skin may appear red and little swollen after the treatment, clears within few hours.
Inform the doctors about your regular medications if there are any.
Majority of the patients tolerate the treatment and do not require any anaesthesia.
Adequate eye protection is must during the procedure.
Do not undergo threading, waxing or plucking of hairs at the treated site till you finish the laser sessions, when the hair grows back between the sessions, use a hair remover or do shaving.
Make sure to apply a sunscreen 20-30 mts before you go out in the sun.
Results are better for thick ,dark hairs than thin, brown hairs.