About Our Skin Doctors

Skin doctor at our clinic
Dr. Thaj is a Cosmetic Dermatologist (Skin Doctor) & Laser Surgeon, who introduced numerous laser treatments in India. Dr. Thaj heads Dr. Thaj Laser Skin-Hair Clinic that began it’s operation in the year 1999 at Thalassery (aka. Tellicherry). The Clinic is a little oasis of tranquility with state-of-the-art equipment that can be booked in conjunction with any treatment to enhance, relax, revitalize, relieve and aid detoxification of the Skin and Hair. Today, in just over a decade, Dr. Thaj Laser Skin-Hair clinic has become one of the most renowned Skin Care & Laser Clinics in India with well-established centers in Chennai, Coimbatore, Pondicherry, Ooty, Palani and Pollachi. All these specialist skin care clinics, under the supervision of experienced skin doctors (Dermatologists), offer advanced laser treatments and cosmetology procedures such as Laser Hair Removal, Hair Grafting, Skin Tightening, Microdermabrasion, Phototherapy, Pigmentation Removal, Pulsed Dye Laser, Superpulsed CO2 Laser, Q-switched Nd-Yag Laser, Vitiligo Surgery. Other procedures include but not limited to Chemical Peeling, Electrolysis, Liquid N2 Cryo Surgery, Mesotherapy and Treatment of Acne & Acne Scars.

Consult with the skin doctor

Call us on 1800 102 3789 (toll free) to know more about the treatment that applies to your case and to fix an appointment with the skin doctor. The Clinic became the pioneers in Skin Care & Laser treatments that set up:
  • chevron_rightFirst Fractional ERB glass laser in Tamil Nadu & Kerala
  • chevron_rightFirst PDL laser in South India
  • chevron_rightFirst Q switched Nd-Yag Laser in South India
  • chevron_rightFirst whole body PUVA Chamber & UVB in Kerala
  • chevron_rightFirst capacitative RF machine in Kerala, Karnataka & Tamilnadu
  • chevron_rightFirst Targeted Phototherapy machine (excimer light) in Kerala & Tamilnadu
  • chevron_rightFirst Oxygen Jet Therapy system in South India
  • chevron_rightFirst time hair restorative surgery done in Kerala
  • chevron_rightFirst Cryolipolysis machine in South India
  • chevron_rightFirst Endovenous Laser system for the treatment of varicose veins in a skin clinic
  • chevron_rightFirst Ultrasonic Lipolysis machine in Kerala

Staff Training 2020

  • Dr. Jyothy.K, MD DVD
  • Dr. Priyadarsini MBBS
  • Dr. C.R.Srinivas (Visiting consultant)
  • Dr. Nithya MD (Visiting consultant)
  • Dr. Malarnisha R. MD.DVL.FAM
  • Dr. Abyramy
  • Dr. Sankara Devi MBBS
  • Dr.Deesha
  • Dr.Maria Pavithra