Eye Contour Care Programme

The eye contour care programme brings you a smooth, relaxed and visibly refreshed eye contour.

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest, delicate on your face and more subject to ageing, making you look older than you are. As time passes on, say when you are between 30-35, your facial skin develops wrinkles, and you can see finely visible lines around your eyes due to the skin loosening process.

Effects of Eye Contour Care Programme
That area around your eyes (technically known as the periorbital, the eye socket or eye orbit) is part of your face and requires your special attention. Your eyes are the window of the soul, and you don’t want them to be surrounded by wrinkles and saggy eyelids.

Indeed, eye contour ageing is one of the most common reasons for aesthetic consultation worldwide.

Eye contour anatomy

It comprises the upper eyelids to the eyebrows and the lower eyelids to the upper part of the cheek.

As mentioned above, the skin in this area is up to 10 times thinner and much more fragile. It also has fewer oil glands, quickly gets dehydrated and irritated.

You blink around 15 to 20 times per minute, 900 to 1.200 times per hour, and usually contract the muscles around the eyes to focus sight, when you cry, or when you laugh. And the skin around your eyes continuously moves as well.

Are you tired of wrinkles formed around the eye area? Are those dark circles making you look tired and less impressive than you are?

We offer various treatments to overcome these issues caused and maximized by today’s climatic variations, increasing temperatures and atmospheric pollution.

Botulinum toxin injections, Radiofrequency, Anti Ageing creams, Chemical Peeling, Pulsed Dye Laser, Fractional laser treatment etc., are some treatments we offer to reduce or wipe off the wrinkles formed around your eyes.

Without conducting any surgeries, Radiofrequency treatment helps to smooth & tighten your facial skin reducing the wrinkles under-eye bags and hooding.

Dark circles formed around your eyes make you look exhausted and less impressive.

These dark pigmentations around the eyes can be effectively managed with our effective medication, peel-off masks and the Q-switched Nd-YAG laser. For improved results and rejuvenate your skin, you may combine chemical peels with the above procedures.