Identify root cause for hair loss

Hair loss– a common worry for mankind and at some point in our life all of us will go through the same. Issue arises when we find out that the hairs are not growing back. Then comes stress, shyness, seclusion, social withdrawal and so & so.

What could be the reason for this? How can we overcome the scare of losing too much hair and going bald headed? Switch on your television, check a magazine or the daily newspaper, you could see a lot of products guaranteeing new hair growth and avoiding hair loss. Is it really possible? Does it make sense?

Computerized Hair Scalp AnalysisLet’s not be a pessimist and think about taking the chances for new hair growth. Still the so called guaranteed products out there might not be there for the help as these are pre-designed products. If you don’t know the reason for hair loss, then how can you treat it? Before using any kind of product what we need to know is the reason for hair loss and for this it’s always advisable to consult a dermatologist. You wouldn’t want some chemical to cause adverse effects on your hair by using the ‘GUARANTEED’ products in the market.

At Dr Thaj Laser Hair clinic, we have the facilities to conduct a computerized Hair Scalp analysis to identify the cause of hair loss. With the help of an advanced application, we can analyze the issues on the affected area and advise treatment accordingly.

Caslite Nova is the advanced model in Hair Diagnosis Machines, this tool allows to –

  • Keep patient records with their images
  • Norwood classification
  • Calculate hair growth
  • Identify hair thickness
  • Analyse hair density
  • Scalp analysis
  • Skin comparison
  • Graphical format conclusion and patient scheduler

This also shows how many follicles will be required to cover the area depending upon the Norwood classifications.