Burn fat and build muscle at the same time.

Who wouldn’t want to burn fat from their stomach? Now, if I tell you that you can burn fat and build muscle, wouldn’t you go for it?

Our latest equipment is CMSlim™, the most advanced and intensive electric muscle stimulator.

It’s a cutting-edge technology non-invasive body contouring, as it not only BURNS FAT but also BUILDS MUSCLE.

Unlike other treatments that target the fat directly, CMSlim™ dramatically increases the metabolic rate of the area around the muscle.

How does CMSlim™ help burn fat and build muscle?

CMSlim™ uses a high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy that induces a hyper-contraction to the muscles. Such intensive continuous contractions are ideal for muscle growth and inducing apoptosis.

The muscles release chemicals during these intense pulses, that signal fat cells to break down their content and release as free fatty acids.

When these fatty acids overwhelm the fat cells, they cause malfunction, and the body naturally excretes them as waste.

The patient undergoes a 30-minute session.

It is a high intensity electromagnetic muscle trainer (HI-EMT) device designed for aesthetic purposes. It has 2(two) applicators with higher intensity. They are placed on the target muscle area; such as your abs, thighs, or buttocks. These applicatiors generate intense electromagnetic that causes involuntary muscle contractions.

The first cycle begins at lower power, inducing around hundred contractions per second, increasing strength during the following cycles, inducing around thousand contractions per second.

The cooldown programme induces deliberate contractions designed to flush out any toxins or lactic acid unleashed by muscles.

Burn fat and build muscle

CMSlim™ simulates actual working out, by causing the muscle to rebuild and repair the tissues. It results in stronger, firmer muscles. You’ll feel the same soreness after the procedure, as you would after an intensive work out routine.

A recent study reported that an average of 15%-16% increase in abdominal mucle thickness in treated patients after 2 months.

What is High Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer (HI-EMT)?

It is the medical technology commonly used in aesthetic medicine, urology, and gynaecology. And uses a focused electromagnetic field with a safe intensity level.

Effect on muscle

This electromagnetic field passes non-invasively through the body and interacts with motor neurons which subsequently trigger supramaximal muscle contractions.

Effect on Fat

Just as gaining muscle helps reduce body fat, intensive continuous contraction of muscles can affect the fat layer. It is effective in burning fat and can result in a toned body.

WHY CMSlim™?

CMSlim™ is a proven and patented technology. It’s intensity is much higher, and durability even stronger. As it has no consumables, hence maintenance is low.

We believe everyone deserves to be confident in their life. We help you reach the body goal that you want.