Patch Testing

Patch testingThere are over 2000 skin disorders that could happen to us in our day to day life. Most of us do not care about rightly identifying the reason for skin disease by consulting a dermatologist, but just finds a cream/lotion available in the local market and use it for the irritation. What if the disease withdraws for the time being and comes back with a higher strength and impact on skin. Yes, it’s time to think about consulting with a physician or dermatologist to diagnose the skin disease first.

At Dr Thaj Laser Skin-Hair clinic, we offer patch testing to find out the causes of skin allergies or skin disorders. To find out the causes of allergic contact dermatitis, a simple set of common allergens and chemicals that create allergies are applied back to the patient that results in permanent solution for dermatitis in most of the cases.

How is Patch testing done@ Dr Thaj laser clinic?

We have simple, straight forward and well defined steps here at Dr Thaj Laser Skin-Hair clinic for Patch testing.

Our dermatologist will discuss about your skin problems.

  • Where, when & how did it start?
  • Have you tried any treatments?
  • Any history of skin diseases previously?
  • Hereditary diseases in your family?
  • Cosmetics and toiletries that you use now & used in the past?
  • Your type of occupation?
  • Hobbies, time spending habits in free hours?

Remember that when you answer all these questions, you should always keep in mind that the dermatologist is trying to identify the reason for your skin allergy, hence try to answer honestly and try to recollect anything and everything that you can remember which could be the reason for allergy.

After collecting the primary information, we can examine your skin and identify the reason for allergies.