Dental Bridges

Do you have missing teeth? Then it is not a happy thing….!

It can make it hard to chew, influence your speech, and cause embarrassment. But, if you have missing teeth, then a dental bridge could be the solution for you. Dental bridges are fixed dental prosthetics. They will restore your smile while maintaining your face shape.

Dental bridges
Perhaps most importantly, a well-placed bridge will prevent your other teeth from falling out of alignment.

As the name implies, a bridge forms a connection between healthy teeth, and this connection is a dental prosthetic that looks like your natural teeth. So the bridge will fill in any missing tooth gaps.

Are you a fit for a bridge (FPD)?

If the teeth on both sides of your tooth gap are healthy, then you are fit to place a dental bridge.

We place crowns on the strong teeth that can support the bridge. These crowns will serve as an anchor to hold up the gum base and new tooth.

Why choose a bridge over a removable denture?

Many patients with active lifestyles prefer a bridge due to their stability. A significant difference between the two is that dentures are removable, and bridges are fixed. Anything that can be removed runs the risk of becoming loose or even popping out.

How long will it stay?

If you take care properly and do follow-up dental cleaning, then DENTAL BRIDGES can stay more than a long time.

You should follow strict dental hygiene measures. Always remember that your bridge stability comes from your anchor teeth with the crowns, so keep them healthy.