Dr. Silpa K Nair

I was fortunate to do one week hands on trainining on lasers and cosmetology at THAJ CLINIC, THALSSERY.Eventhough I heard good feedback about this center from my seniors I was bit anxious before going there as I was attending such training for the first time. But once I reached there I understood all my anxieties were in vain. It is very informative and nice place to have training on cosmetology.First thing to be mentioned is about Thajudheen sir .He is very knowledgeable person at the same time very friendly .He is ready to clear whatever doubts we have even during the busiest o.p time.Nursing staffs were also very co-operative and office staffs really helped me by arranging food accommodation etc. Coming to the training part,it is a busy clinic with lot of patients for consultation and procedures.

I got chance to perform different procedures like diode laser for LHR,ablative and fractional co2 laser,Q switched Nd-YAG laser and different types of chemical peels on plenty of patients.The clinic is using most modern equipments like HIFU therapy and FDA approved lasers and it is equipped with pulsed dye laser and FRAXEL-RF.There is good documentation of pre and post procedure clinical photographs which help us to understand the results better and they also provide good and informative study materials to enhance our knowledge.

Other than lasers I got good exposure to different types of procedures like microneedling, microdermabrasion,electrolysis,skin biopsies,PRP treatments,botox injections etc.Overall it was such a nice experience being there for one week and learning so much in cosmetology with full enthusiasm and energy under the guidance of Thajudheen sir. The training is really helping me for my day to day practice and this place will remain close to my heart for ever.

Dr.Shobana Sivaraja

Dermatologic surgery has always been of great interest to me since residency training. Through Cosmetology training program at Thaj Clinic, I am fortunate to have been mentored by Dr. C.P Thajudeen, MD who was not only passionate in his field of specialty but also dedicated in teaching.

From pre-procedural instructions to the actual cosmetic surgeries and post-operative care, I was able to observe how different techniques and strategies are used to produce the highest cure rate, minimise scarring and prevent infections and other complications especially when cases were challenging. It was not just about getting the work done, but rather providing the best clinical, surgical and cosmetic outcome for the patient. Dr. Thaj explained to me the rationale behind these techniques . I was able to further enhance my knowledge in use of lasers, including safety precautions, and application of neuromodulators and soft-tissue fillers. Dr. Thaj encouraged questions and discussions of all cases seen and this greatly facilitated more learning.

I was also able to get tips from Dr. Thaj on how to successfully run a clinic, from the day-to-day operation to effective training and management of staff. He was very professional in dealing with the nurses, technicians and staff and respects everyone’s contribution and suggestions in improving the team and hence, the quality of service provided to patients.

I had to mention about the nursing and staff memebers help during the training period. All staff members were friendly and helping to great extent. Program co-ordination by HR department was highly satisfactory. Being from other state I was worried about accommodation and food and travel, to my surprise i dint find any difficulty. All the extra things were taken care by the entire staff team, so my focus was only on the training.

I am indeed deeply grateful to Dr. C.P Thajudeen MD, his patients and the whole team of doctors, nurses and staff of Dr. Thaj Laser Skin and Hair Clinic for the valuable lessons and for warmly welcoming me into their clinic.I can definitely say that I am leaving Kerala possessing not only new and advanced knowledge in dermatologic surgery but also beautiful memories

Dr Archana G Pillai

The training was very informative which focusses on the basics of procedural dermatology and cosmetology to hands on and giving a lot of practical tips by Sir... I really enjoyed and learnt a lot from Thaj clinic which added a much needed confidence in my practice. I'm very much inspired by his passion towards the subject, the way he keeps himself updated and his down to earth behaviour... Words are not enough to thank the excellent hospitality that I received from each and everyone at the clinic.. Thank you Sir and the entire team

Dr Mahasooma

I had a great experience during the training prog with Dr Thaj & team . Thanks to the experienced, enthusiastic & sincere doctor Thaj Sir & the simple , kind hearted , well trained staffs .... I got the basic ideas & knowledge about diff types of Lasers , Peels , Vitiligo surgeries , Botox , PRP .............The hands on practice gave me a confidence to move on with cosmetic procedures

R C Mavila

It's a very good experience. The total face colour totally changed. And it's seems to be changed, as per my opinion and my family's opinion. And the staffs is very good and homely. And I expect the same service in the coming days and years. Thank you.


Laser Skin care Home and Dr Thajudeen and his team are dedicated to the core.They have given healing touch to innumerable people especially youngsters.This is a unique institution.Congratulations Sir and the team under you.

Arjun Vishwanath

Very good treatment . Well experienced staff , excellent care . I am really happy to visit this clinic. Very friendly staff , totally am happy.


An institution that gives the desired result and the best relief to all patients.Committed doctors,under the veteran doctor Thajudheen Sir and the best nursing staff make this institution a unique one.Its publicity is it's results and patient's satisfaction.

Dr. Bijjo Raju MD- Consultant Dermatologist

I wanted to know all that is currently available and what exactly is done from that point of view, received everything. The best part was to know pleasant people Madam, Sir ,Priya, Mercy & Suseela sister, Senior Professionals at Dr. Thaj Laser Clinic. Suggestion would be to have a course curriculum & see if objectives are fulfilled. Thanks a lot to the team.

Dr. ShabeerAli MD - Consultant Dermatologist

Excellent training programme covering quite a lot but giving enough practical knowledge especially in all lasers, vitiligo surgery, botox & fillers etc. I think one of the rare centers which give you hands-on training from the first day itself. Thanks to Dr. Thaj clinic.

Dr. Azeem Jaffar - Consultant Dermatologist

1. I found it useful as there are many latest laser machines, so we can get a nice basic idea about almost all cosmetic procedures 2. Patient load is sufficient enough to have hands on experience. 3. Doctors and staff are so kind and teaching is so good 4. Accommodation in Thalassery is well convenient. I would recommend it to my juniors, PGS and Fellow residents for sure.

Dr.Kavitha - Consultant Dermatologist

The course was very informative. I enjoyed a lot and learned a lot. I learned things I overlooked in the past. I was very much inspired by Thajudheen sir`s passion for the subject and sincerity he shows in his work. Both of you (Dr. Jyothy K & Dr. Thajudheen) were excellent teachers. Sir was patient and was enthusiastic in clearing our doubts. I feel more confident now, we were taught about all the relevant topics adequately. I was able to do many procedures which boosted my confidence. Thanks to you very much, sir and madam.

Dr.Carol - Consultant Dermatologist

In all honesty mam, I’m so touched by my experience there that, I proudly wear it on my sleeve that, I got an opportunity to experience the training given there. I will always cherish the sincerity, honesty and open hearted explanations and demonstration by all. And last but not least, extremely grateful for the hands on training we were given at the centers, though an extremely short time, Its with these tips and guidance, I am able to currently handle the cosmetic dermatology on my own at my workplace and hope to always learn and better myself. Thank you to Thaj sir and yourself once again madam


My mother developed black patches on her face due to an allergic reaction. After few weeks of treatment at Dr.Thaj clinic her face improved a lot. She is very happy now.

Shalma Lakshmanan

Hi, My name is Shalma & i'm residing in Thalassery. I am glad to share my happiness here and the reason behind is Dr. Thaj. I had bad hair growth on my face. I was very unhappy and was so conscious to go out to meet new faces or meet my friends. But now, I'm very very very happy & confident too. Dr. Thaj has done some magical treatments on my very sensitive skin. And I find no more hair growth nowadays and it’s gone permanently. The best part is that there is no single mark on my face now. (tho i was scared about laser treatment & its after effects). These all happened in 5 months time. A big thanks to Dr. Thajuddhin & who all work in the clinic. And yes, I have to say that I trust Dr. Thaj Clinic and would love to give preference Dr.Thaj Clinic rather than any other beauty clinics for any skin treatments. I have no tension now as I have reached the right place at right time. :) Thank You Doctor !!!


I had an ugly scar on my face following an accident. With the fraxel treatment I received from Dr. Thaj LSHC, Coimbatore, the scar almost got disappeared and I am very happy now.


I would like to share the wonderful experience I got at Dr. Thaj LSHC recently. I was suffering from severe hair loss and dandruff which was disturbing. But now I am happy that I have my problem solved with the stem cell therapy I received from your clinic. Thanks a lot.


Congrats to Dr Thaj for all the wonderful work he does for all of us and many of the families who we have referred to him. Everyone has got such good reviews with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Thanks to Dr Thaj and his staff once again.


I reside in Canada. I had some problems with my skin. I called Dr Thaj at his Tellicherry clinic as I have heard a lot of good reviews about his clinics all over. Over the phone he gave me the exact treatment and the type of medicines I could get here and my skin problem was cured.


I had a big mole on my face which was looking ugly. I was so sad & couldn’t stand among crowd. My friend suggested me this laser treatment. Once done, I felt so happy seeing the vast changes in my appearance. Thank you so much for making these changes that I never ever thought would happen even in dreams.


I had wrinkles on my face which was removed by laser treatment. Now I am so happy that I am looking much more better. Thank you …


I had freckles which I thought could never be cured. But I am so happy now that I recovered by about 90% with the treatment still going on. I thank Dr. Thaj and other doctors who pulled off a miracle in my life. And wholeheartedly, I thank God for showing me right place.