Laser hair removal!

Laser hair removal!
Dr. Thajudheen MD
Aug 23, 2022 | Skin care

What is laser hair removal?
Laser hair removal could be noninvasive, thanks to cutting back or removing unwanted hair. With 1,000,000 procedures performed in 2016, laser hair removal is one of the foremost in style minimally invasive cosmetic treatments. It may be the best choice for those with excess hair trying to find how to effectively cut back or take away hair from each massive and small area of the body.

Laser hair removal procedure
Before the procedure, a medico (a medical man, medical man assistant, or registered nurse) cleans the treatment space. If a client is especially sensitive, one may apply the desensitizing gel. Throughout the procedure, everybody in the area must wear unique protective eyewear to protect against eye injury from the laser.

Once the desensitizing gel kicks in, the medico focuses a beam of high-energy light-weight at the specified space. The larger the area you’d like treated, the longer the procedure takes. Small areas will take as little as a few minutes, whereas larger areas like the chest will take an hour or more.

Some patients report a sensation like a band snapping or a sunburn-like sting. Because the hair vaporizes from the energy of the optical device, there may be a sulfurous smell from the smoke puffs.

Preparing for laser hair removal
Your doctor should be able to offer thorough preparation directions before your appointment. Following these directions improves the procedure’s effectiveness and reduces the danger of facet effects.

Here are some common recommendations:
Exposure to the sun isn’t advisable until several days before the procedure, and one shouldn’t perform laser hair removal on tanned skin.
Avoid irritating the skin.
Stay away from waxing and plucking.
Try not to take medication that will increase bleeding.
One shouldn’t perform the procedure if you have an active infection, like a chilly sore or microorganism skin infection.
Additionally, if you have got dark skin, you would possibly be suggested to use a skin-bleaching compound in the treatment space.

Target areas for laser hair removal
Target areas include:
Bikini space
Upper lip

How will laser hair removal work?
Laser hair removal works by mistreatment targeting light-weight to affect hair follicles that small area cavities within the skin from which hair grows. The follicle absorbs the laser drawn to the hair’s pigment, and the hair vaporizes instantly.

The pigment within the hair attracts the laser. Thus, darker hair absorbs the laser additional effectively; that is why individuals with dark hair and light-weight skin are ideal candidates for laser hair removal.

Patients with dark skin usually have to be compelled to be treated with a particular form of a laser that detects the hair against their skin.

Those with light-weight hair build less ideal candidates and are less likely to gain expertise because the laser doesn’t focus well on non-pigmented hair. Laser hair removal isn’t effective on blonde, gray, or white hairs.

Are there any risks or facet effects?
Serious complications associated with laser hair removal are rare. The major common facet effects include:
Discomfort and skin irritation
They usually subside within several days when the treatment. If symptoms persist, you ought to contact your medico.

Less common facet effects include:
Permanent changes in skin color

Carefully selecting a talented medical skill will significantly cut back on these risks. The yank academy of medicine recommends solely having laser hair removal performed by a board-certified skin doctor to attenuate any risk of complications.

What to expect when laser hair removal?
The recovery time when the procedure is a token system, and most patients will come back to life as traditional directly when. Even as carrying an emollient before the procedure is significant, thus is continuous to wear it when the procedure. It helps to prevent further irritation.

You can expect to examine a discount within the range of hairs within the treated space like a shot when the procedure. When we use the optical device to remove hair, you will note a rise in hair growth within the treated area for two to eight weeks. The explanation is that not all hair follicles respond equally to the laser treatment. Most patients see a ten to twenty-five % reduction in hair when the primary treatment. It usually takes between 3 and eight sessions for permanent hair loss. The analysis and your specialist before the procedure can provide you with a better plan of what percentage of treatment sessions you will like. Also, you may doubtless like a touch-up session yearly to keep up results.

How much will laser hair removal cost?
Cost varies, supported by multiple factors, including:
The specialist’s expertise
Geographic location
Size of the treatment space
Number of sessions


Dr. Thajudheen MD

Dr Thajudheen is a dermatologist and cosmetic laser surgeon. He founded Dr Thaj Laser Skin & Hair Clinics in cities across southern India, where he pioneered the use of advanced lasers and cosmetology techniques.


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