Treat your feet right!

Treat your feet right!
Dr. Thajudheen MD
Jul 08, 2022 | Skin care

Ten simple ways to treat your feet right and painless

Be an honest friend to your feet by avoiding these harmful habits:

Foot health:

1. Avoid wearing too-tight shoes.
2. Stop sharing shoes.
3. Quit sharing pedicure utensils with your buddies.
4. End hiding stained nails with polish. Allow them to breathe and treat the underlying issue.
5. End shaving calluses.
6. Discontinue performing DIY surgery on associated unhealthy nails.
7. Do attempt the Legs-Up-the-Wall yoga created once an extended day or a challenging exercise.
8. Do provide yourself with a foot massage or book a reflexology session.
9. Do roll a ball beneath your feet.
10. To soothe irritation with a vinegar foot soak.

If socks in bed are okay, as a hygiene issue or for general foot health, here is the solution to your burning question: affirmative, is it alright to wear socks to bed! They aren’t a haul unless they’re too tight and constricting,” “Of course, they ought to be modified daily.” however, do detain mind that inveterately cold feet may well be proof of associate underlying condition.

Make sure your shoes are your confidence.

Many people have one foot that’s larger than the opposite, and if this is often true for you, keep in mind to suit your shoes to your larger foot. Shoe match comes initially once shopping for. Don’t deem a reasonable try to stretch or the concept of “breaking them in” round the house.

Perfect shoe match

The ball of your foot ought to match well within the widest part of the shoe.
It would help if you had enough depth so that your toes don’t rub the ace.
Stand up with the shoes on and make sure you’ve got a half-inch (about the dimension of your finger) between your longest toe and, therefore, the front of the shoe.
Walk around within the shoes and make certain you don’t expertise any rubbing or slipperiness.
If you’re inquisitive concerning recent footwear trends, material kickers, like cotton wear or canvas sneakers, are acceptable. Please don’t wear them for running, hiking, or activities that need foot protection.

As for the minimalist shoe craze, you don’t wish to modify it too quickly. These shoes mimic barefoot running by encouraging a foot strike (the front of the foot hit the bottom first) instead of the heel strike that settles or cushiony shoe press. A recent study shows this foot strike modification will build some runners additional economical. However, transitioning too quickly from ancient to minimalist shoes may cause calf or shin pain.

Things to try & do

– Do not give up your regular sneakers.
– Go for many short runs per week in minimalist shoes and see how you adapt.
– Increase your usage of minimalist sneakers over time.
– Wear your heels like they value millions — meagrely.
– We might love the approach heels elongate our legs and build a nation that feels powerful.

However, after we wear them, we have a tendency to sacrifice our health. Fifty-two of the bones within the anatomy are literally in our feet and ankles. High heels that tip the nation forward, modification the natural position of the foot in relevance to the ankle joint.

Research shows that this sparks a sequence reaction up through the legs and lower spine, which may lead to chronic knee, hip, or back pain. If not willing to give up your heels, select smart ones and wear them meagrely. If they need to be worn, notice a shoe with as broad a heel as doable to extend expansive contact between the shoe and the ground.

Always examine your shoes.

No matter what forms of shoes are in your closet, you wish to examine them frequently for wear and tear.

The Good Shoes

– Replace your trainers each three hundred miles. However, flats or boots will watch for cracking on the higher half, softening within the soles, and harm-to-toe boxes.
– Check high heels for similar considerations; furthermore, as for exposed nails, the associate indicator you wish a replacement heel carry.
– Check sandals for loose or broken straps.
– Repair, recycle or cast out once applicable.
– Keep your feet clean and dry.

What are the ways to tackle rough skin and calluses?

– We brush our teeth and scrub our pits, and however, we frequently dismiss the toe as a part of head-to-toe hygiene.

– Wear correct fitting shoes, wash daily, and limit conditions of excessive wetness content in shoes.

– Corns and calluses are areas of thickened skin ensured by abnormal pressure or rubbing. They aren’t the matter, but rather the results of abnormal foot structure or operation.

Bad Shoes Can Cause

Ingrown toenails
Other sources of irritation
He recommends using rock and skin softeners if the toughened skin bothers you. We tend not to advocate fashionable foot peels or removing calluses with callus shavers. Never try this, and don’t let your pedicurist roll in the hay as it could cause serious harm to your foot, particularly if you’ve got a polygenic disease or poor circulation.

But keep in mind that treating the symptom isn’t about fixing the underlying cause. Rough and thickened skin around the foot comes from poor shoe matches. Pro-tip: once it involves callus removal, keep it easy and avoid gadgets. For extreme cases, head to the foot doctor.

What concerning the inescapable blisters?
You’re probably no alien to the blister if you’re a runner or a gym rat. Otherwise, you prefer to obtain new shoes (who doesn’t?). Large blisters popped if done with a clean instrument. Following puncture, apply a topical antiseptic and canopy with a bandage to safeguard.”

Pro tip: to stop unhealthy toenails, cut nails straight across. Don’t go around the edges. If you get a painful sick nail, don’t perform DIY surgery. Leave that to the professionals.

How does one get obviate foot odor?
You are bathing daily, and taking the time to dry the skin between your toes can facilitate forestall odor and microorganism and fungal infections like athlete’s foot. Pro-tip: If you find yourself with the dreadful itch, attempt a Listerine soak.

Take care of your feet through the ages.
Eyes could be the windows to our souls, and however, our soles are usually the windows to our overall health. Feet tend to mirror the body as people age, Dr.Thaj says. We see things like attenuated circulation, cutting of the skin, brittle bones, muscle atrophy, arthritis, etc. several of those conditions will ab initio manifest within the foot and ankle joint.

Keep a watch on your feet for changes, pain, irritation, and anything. Again, be aware of what you set on your feet.


Dr. Thajudheen MD

Dr Thajudheen is a dermatologist and cosmetic laser surgeon. He founded Dr Thaj Laser Skin & Hair Clinics in cities across southern India, where he pioneered the use of advanced lasers and cosmetology techniques.


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