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Skin Tightening using Thermage Treatment

Every day in your lifetime is resulting in a breakdown on your skin. As you age, the collagen substance in your skin breaks down resulting in wrinkles, skin loosening etc. At Dr Thaj Laser Skin-Hair clinic, we offer advance methods of skin tightening including, the latest RADIO FREQUENCY treatment that can be applied from head to toe.

No surgeries, injections or complications included, it’s easy as a walk in the park. The unique radio frequencies produced safely heats up the inner skin layers fastening new collagen growth and stimulating the existing collagen simultaneously. Results are young health nourishing skin with smoothness & glowing characteristics.

With this treatment, body tightens and renews your skin by acting directly on the collagen. Results using RF last long and are worthy when you compare the cost you spend on other alternatives on a monthly basis. Improvements are seen immediately and results lasts upto 6 months. After treatment you can get back to your normal life, so no downtime. Unlike other laser treatments, It is color blind and can work on any skin type or color.

Benefits of RF Treatment


  • chevron_rightTightens floppy jaws and skin under chin
  • chevron_rightRedefines, reframes & contours jaw line
  • chevron_rightImproves texture and tone over entire face


  • chevron_rightReduces fine lines and crow’s feet on face
  • chevron_rightSmoothens and tightens skin on the eyelids and around eyes


  • chevron_rightTightens loose skin (perfect for post pregnancy and after liposuction surgery or weight loss)
  • chevron_rightImproves skin texture and skin tone


  • chevron_rightTightens loose skin and provides a standard shape for your abdomen
  • chevron_rightImproves skin texture and tone around the abdomen area
  • chevron_rightContouring and cellulite reduction


  • chevron_rightImproves texture
  • chevron_rightImproves skin thickness
  • chevron_rightReduces and smoothes wrinkles

Skin Tightening


 Before Skin Tightening


After Skin Tightening