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Dr. Thajudheen
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Dr Thajudheen MD, Dermatologist & Cosmetic Laser Surgeon, is one of the pioneers who started advanced laser and cosmetology practice in India.

Dr Thaj is a Dermatology postgraduate of Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Manipal. Reputed professors (Dr C.R. Srinivas, Dr C Balachandran, and Prof Dr S. D. Shenoy) at KMC guided him.

His particular interest in laser treatment & Dermato-surgery led him to attend extensive training programs in Lasers & Cosmetology abroad, including a course in Cosmetology Aesthetic Medicine in Italy.

Since 1999, Dr Thaj has been performing various laser treatments with the latest and innovative methods. He is the first among the dermatologists to introduce various laser machines to treat several challenging to manage skin problems.

He is the first person to acquire a Pulsed dye laser in south India. His experience with the PDL machine in the field of vascular birthmarks is unparalleled. Apart from the laser procedures, he has vast experience in vitiligo surgeries and antiageing treatments.

Dr Thaj’s clinic was the first to introduce Ultherapy and Thermage treatment for skin tightening and lifting without surgery. He is among the first few dermatologists in South India to venture onto hair transplants viz., micro-graft, mini-graft, follicular unit extraction (FUE) and the traditional strip method.

With the help of a great team who ultimately realizes the significance of care and empathy for our patients, he has successfully extended the laser skin-hair clinic services to seven centres in Kerala & Tamil Nadu in just over a decade.

His desire to make his patients give the best on their appearance and wellbeing made him take certificate courses viz., Specialist in Fitness Nutrition (SFN) and Certified Personal Trainer (CFT) from ISSA (USA). He is also a National Judge ( Senior) of IBBF (Indian Bodybuilding Federation).

Many of his articles regarding Lasers and Dermatosurgery have been published in various journals and magazines.

He has presented papers on Lasers and Dermatosurgery at many conferences. He has trained several young doctors in the field of lasers, dermatologic surgery, and cosmetology.


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