Endovenous Laser System

Posted by Dr. Thaj

Dr.Thaj LSCH is proud to announce the launch of the state of art endovenous laser system (ELVES from biolitec ),for fast and effective treatment of varicose veins. It offers optimum treatment solution for an effective and gentle therapy ,which can be performed on an outpatient basis. This machine delivers laser energy at 1470nm homogenously and has a unique and patented distal design which offers great safety and low complication rates. The 1470nm laser energy is preferentially absorbed by the intracellular water of the vein wall and the water content of the blood. The irreversible photo-thermal process induced by laser energy results in complete occlusion of the treated vein.
Key benefits :
• Maximum patient comfort ,less post operative pain, bruising and swelling.
• Excellent medical and cosmetic results.
• Quick return to normal activities
• Short treatment time.(40-45min)